Students first please

Open abdominal myomectomy. 24 yr old, ASA-1. 5'2. 60kg

Pre-Op meds:

Zofran 4mg
Toradol 30mg
Glyco 0.1mg
Versed 2mg

Spinal anesthesia. (T4 level)

10.5mg Spinal Bupivicaine
10mcg Fent
0.25mg Duramorph

FM 02 @ 10L with ETC02 sitting near mouth inside mask.

Light Rhythmic snoring on infusion of Propofol @50mcg/kg/min.

So, I'm sitting there in OR, feet up, dazing into space, drafting up a beautiful poem for CRNAfaculty aka Momerator when surgeon has nerve to interrupt and inform me he will be injecting pitressin into this girls bulbous grapefruit size uterus. They mix 20units/50cc. (Surgeon injects 25mL)

Why did he bother to tell me this?

What do you think happened, and what did I do about it?


Why do I give all my myomectomy patients Toradol preop? (assuming no contraindications of course)