I am currently 2 semesters away from finishing my BSN with all my CRNA pre-reqs. At that point I will have 1 year Level 1 ER RN and 1 Year CVICU/STICU RN on top of 12 years as a paramedic including 4 years as a flight paramedic, yes Mike PHI-TX. Currently I should be on par for a GPA between 3.5 and 3.75 overall and 3.75-4.00 for my last 60 hours. I haven't taken the MAT or GRE yet. I am in a unique situation that my wife is currently a FP MD and will be finishing an ER residency in 2010 so money is negotiable at that point. My first choice for programs due to location and experience is the Army program at BAMC but I am open to travel for a program with good experience. I am looking for the most autonomous, diverse training program out there and curious to see what the thoughts are? Where I should go from here, know I want a decent amount of shadow time with a CRNA plus whatever shadow I can get out of the military. Please let me know your thoughts. Just out of curiousity what the TCU folks think of Galveston/UTMB? Brian