Hello all,

I have been working in a multisystem ICU for the last 2 and half years. Last week I interviewed at a CVICU and was made an offer on the spot. In my multisystem ICU, I am taking care of trauma patients, neuro, medical, post op (fem-pop, GI, amputation), shocks, post cardic cath. However, I never got a chance to take care of fresh heart and on top of all of that I feel that most of the patients I take care of are over-all stable.

The CVICU offer, I will be working on recovering pt's post CABG, Valve replacements, Carotid endarterectomies, lung lobectomies; they also pull out sheets and extube the pt's post Op.

For some reason, I feel that I won't be a strong candidate until I get the CVICU experience. I am CCRN certified. I shadowed 2 different CRNA's and they both think I am ready to apply to school. I on the other hand still think that without the CVICU experience, I won't be ready. The CVICU is about 3000 miles away and about 8 dollars less per hour. I already moved 3000 miles to get to my current job about 2 yrs ago. Having said that, I am willing to do whatever it takes to be a CRNA one day.

Make the move or not? What do you think?