Hello fellow CRNAs/SRNAs,

My goal is to be a CRNA...it is why I went into nursing. I have worked almost 3 years on a medical/tele floor and finally got hired in an ICU this july. It is a MICU/SICU at a Level 2 trauma center (Magnet Status which is cool for nurses too)....so definitely a lot of sepsis, septic shock, ARDs and other pulmonary issues requiring intubation and vent, STEMI, unstable CHF and Afib, post v-fib arrest, i had a brain dead pt which was cool bc i got to work with the new england organ bank RN preparing for the harvest...other stuff I can't think of..and then surgical wise: a lot of CEAs, craniotomies, GI surgeries, fem-pop bypass, and then the post-cath for the STEMIs, IABP. Unfortunately we don't do CABG's at my hospital.

I have my BSN. Goal to take GREs next year. Also want to get my CCRN. I just shadowed an Anesthesiologist 2 weeks ago for the whole day, and he invited me back to shadow more. I am going to shadow a CRNA at a teaching hospital in Boston.

I was thinking of taking Organic Chemistry and Graduate level Advanced Pathophysiology and Pharmacolgy. Do you guys think taking classes those are a good idea to put on my resume?

I actually have two Bachelor degrees: Exercise & Sports Science and Nursing. My chemistry grades are 3.0 in chem 1, 4.0 in chem 2, and 4.0 in medical microbiology. I did very well in all my nursing classes, GPA was 3.38- no classes under a B.

Any other suggestions??? THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!