I am set to graduate in December with a degree in Biology, and have actually already turned in my app to med school for this cycle. However, I've been reading up on a ton of things and think getting my BSN through an accelerated program might be the way to go, and then trying to get into an anesthesia program. In undergrad, I focused on shadowing doctors for most of my extracurricular experiences while also volunteering in a hospital for a couple years and just started helping out at a free clinic. Basically, I never even thought about becoming an EMT or CNA to gain valuable nursing-type experience in a hospital.

So, my question is this. Will this lack of experience hinder me in getting into, first, the accelerated BSN program or how much do they look at that? Then, I already planned on working for around 3 years in an ICU before applying to be a CRNA, but will this time frame also have to be shifted?

I guess I should mention that I have just under a 3.9 GPA in undergrad and have, what I feel, a solid work ethic. I feel like I COULD complete medical school, but I just don't think that's what I want to do with my life anymore (I think some of you know where I'm coming from with that line of thinking). This seems like a great career choice, and I fully know I will have to put in just as much effort to achieve this goal which doesn't bother me. It just takes less time to do so, and I feel I would be much happier overall.

Thanks for any input.