Been putting in quite a few CVLs and swans lately. I would make a poll, but several questions. I'll post my thoughts after a few comments

1) do yo continue to hold the carotid when seeking the IJ?

2) how do you make your skin cut, how do you place the blade, or do you feel that even matters?

3)how are you identifying where you will stick? Are you using the cricoid? The top of the triangle?

4) do you go straight down first, or towards the nipple and come medial?

5) finally, how independently are you allowing students go do these? Are you telling them where to stick, what to palpate? Are you letting them develop their own technique (within reason) or just having them mimic yours fir the sake of safety? Students, are you being told how to do these everytime or are you given some independence to help improve your personal chance of success if a technique isn't working?