Hello all,

***Side note - I looked through the archives here back to 2008. No thread clearly answered my question so I thought I would start something new. My apologies if I missed something. I appreciate all the help.***

I recently graduated with my BSN and am working in a SICU. With those two essential items crossed off my list, I am now looking into taking my chemistry prerequisites. My BSN only required a survey Biochemistry so as of right now my plan is to begin with Gen Chem and progress to Orgo/Bio/Physics - basically as far as I can get.

I plan to wait a couple years before applying, so I am in no rush to get through these classes - I don't mind taking my time and really learning the info.

The current issue and my question pertains to WHERE I should take these classes. I've already called all of the schools I am looking to apply to and they all said "take classes at an accredited school, doesn't matter where, etc....".

So, I don't really have any direction/restrictions from the schools in that sense. I am curious to know where you took your prerequisites/where you would recommend to.

I've heard good things about Univ. of New England, but I have reservations due to the high cost. Its not an absolute barrier, but just one I'd rather avoid if some people here feel other schools are quality. Others that I have seen mentioned are Oregon State and Cal Berkeley.

Let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Thanks in advance,