Hello, first off, I've been reading threads on this forum, admissions pages for schools, etc. I understand how much hard work and dedication all of you have had to go through in becoming a CNRA. I personally am not sure which direction I should proceed in first.

I graduated with a BA in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Rutgers University in 2006. Since then I have mostly been working jobs unrelated to healthcare or my major. My cumulative GPA is a 3.085. My total science GPA is around 2.9 (actually better on the prereq end). The reason for this was being a slacker and procrastination. The classes I got A's in were the ones where I actually studied before the last night before an exam.

I am 27 and turning 28 in late October.

Physic I and II with labs, A & A
Organic Chem. I and II - B & B, lab B+
Bio I and II with labs - B & B
Gen Chem. I and II B & C, lab C+
Genetics 4 credits - A, lab A
Physiology - B

upper level courses, some A's mostly B's + C's (Other students asked me why I picked the major (as opposed to the other biological sciences) I did because they told me because the staff purposely made it difficult (had a professor brag about how our course was more thorough than one at Harvard ) but my study habits certainly didn't help. Anyway, I know how you guys hate cynicism so I won't go on. I know I haven't put myself in a good spot.

In any case my main question was whether getting into an accelerated BSN and making sure to have a 4.0 GPA or take the GRE and get into an entry-level accelerated BS/MSN and making sure to have an 4.0 GPA a good idea? I have no interest in doing anything except well in classes. Is my situation hopeless?

I would be so happy if I were to some day get accepted into at least ONE CRNA program.

I'm really trying to not come off as obnoxious. I know it takes years with working hard in an ICU, recommendations, etc.

I appreciate any insight.