Hi AllNew to everything here. In 2009 I was admitted to NAP and I had done well on didactic and clinical with clinical grades of A and didactic of B. I fell critically ill at end of first semester and took medical leave of absence. I returned in 2010 and things have just never been the same. I thought I was held to another standard and there were rumors circulating that I just could not squash in the minds of some. Anyhow I passed the last two semesters and at the end of the summer session I was given a c for the course leading to failure. I have meetings with the school to appeal the decision, but I feel I must prepare for the worst. Has anyone had experience with failing from one program and going to another? Is this allowed? What is harder? Any suggestions on how to market self better? I'm planning to take CCRN and GRE. They weren't required for program i was in and I thought completing my masters and applying to post masters programs would help. Iv never had this prob. Undergrad gpa 3.8 and grad 3.5. Any suggestions of programs to apply to or avoid? I'm worried I won't look competitive anymore. The top 5 schools I'm looking at low are barnes Jewish. Rush. Rosalind Franklin, northahore, and siue. Any tips on these schools