How's it going everyone, I have learned a lot already from a couple of members who have responded to my pm's, and reading through all of the sticky's, a few times.

I have been a Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic for some time now. Almost 5 years on with my department and 3 years of EMS in the private sector prior to that. I am at a point in my life/career where I am unfulfilled professionally and just looking for more in life. I did not know until recently than an RN could do Anesthesia, and it's a subject that has always interested me for various reasons. Well as crazy as it sounds, I am looking to knock out my pre-reqs and then do the Medic-RN Bridge program my local college offers, in which I get some credits for my state license here in FL. After that I plan to do the RN-BSN program they offer, and then hopefully I can get situated in an ICU somewhere on my days off from the FD to get enough time in to qualify for application to CRNA schools. The Army program really interests me for various reasons and right now even though it's a long time away, it would be my number one option. I am (31) married (5 years), 3 year old daughter, and second daughter due in less than a month. I know this task will not be an easy one, but I haven't found anyone on here on the job complaining in a thread about how they're not happy professionally with their job. My wife is 100% on board and this won't be the first time I try to do something people say I can't or think I am crazy for doing.

As my family grows and after a smoke inhalation incident a few months ago, I have started to look at "life" from a different point of view.

Ok so enough of that I have a couple of questions:

1) At the undergrad level, does it ,matter what type of science and math classes I take? There are the recommended pre-req's but also in science and math other alternatives, is there anything on the undergrad level that would help the portfolio of me if you will in the future?

2) How much of a difference would it make where my BSN is done, and should I consider another BS degree not in Nursing- ie: Bio/Chem etc?

I would appreciate any help with my questions, and thanks for the great and informative website.