Having just completed the interview process this last Saturday, and already heard back from the school (5 days later) with an acceptance letter, I thought it would supply a deficit to talk some about the interview process as I experienced it. They bring all their applicants for the following January in at the end of July on a Saturday. You get an orientation overview of the program by the PD Krista Yoder. Then, Americas Got Talent style, you present to three panels of faculty each with 3 faculty members. Each panel has a Gannon U nursing school rep; a Hamot CRNA faculty member; and either a MDA or a Senior SRNA.

The reason I say that this is like Americas Got Talent is because it is a very relaxed atmosphere in the rooms. Two out of the three panels I went before seemed more like they wanted to be entertained with some humor than grill you for astute answers. There were almost no "clinical" questions. The closest they got to this was asking what kind of patients I take care of on a regular basis. The one interview that I thought didn't go so well, the director of Gannon's Nursing School asked me to tell about a time that I made a clinical mistake (following the overall nursing philosophy I had just espoused--not important for this thread) doing what I had just said I usually do. In all, they want to see some of your character, personality, and enthusiasm. After all, they are going to teach you everything they want you to know.

The worst part of the day is waiting to sit before the panels. They offer tours in the meantime, snacks and lunch, and there are SRNAs to ask questions about the program and life as a SRNA in Erie. Even though my interviews were just before and one after lunch, everything went well enough to get in. Expect to be there from 0745-1500 at the very latest if your interview is last.