I've wanted to be a CRNA since I was 15 and everything I have done since then has been aimed at that goal: volunteered in a hospital every summer and shadowed a CRNA while in high school. Made straight A's in HS and ended up with a 3.9 in nursing school (knew I needed a good GPA for CRNA). Have worked in a medical surgical and post op CABG ICU for the past 4 years and shadowed multiple CRNA's. I have a really good GRE score and have my CCRN. I'm not trying to talk myself up, just letting you know I've been dedicated to this for over ten years now. But now that I am reading the recent posts about the job market and with the tuition rates only going up, I am scared that I will get out of school with a mound of debt and not be able to find a job and have to work as a staff RN. I have no children and would move pretty much anywhere in the country to get a job. My main concern is that despite my willingness to move anywhere for the job, that by the time I would graduate (August 2015) there will be so many CRNA's with experience that I won't stand a chance. I know nobody can actually predict the market at that time, but with my willingness to move anywhere and not looking for the highest salary, do you all honestly think someone in my position would be ok? In most of the posts I have read about difficulty finding jobs, the people are talking about having to stay within specific areas or have requirements (amount of call, etc) that differ from mine (I would be ok with what some people are complaining about like not getting compensated above their salary for being called in for a while in order to gain experience and become more marketable). Any insight would help!!!