Hi everyone

Right now i'm in the process of applying to CRNA school (one application in and an interview scheduled). For the past year I've been doing everything possible to prepare myself for school as well as looking pretty on paper so that I may get more interviews/acceptances (Grad classes, CCRN, GRE, more active role at work)

The problem is that most of the schools that I'm interested in have application deadlines from September to December and admission into the program from January - August which only gives a person 4-6 months to prepare financially if not started earlier. I'm single, relatively young, and unmarried with little savings

My question is should I put some of my BSN school loans on hold ($330/month) so that I could save more?? Or will this act hurt me in the future with the banks while I am trying to procure a private loan for cost of living? I don't believe it could hurt my credit score, but I don't want to raise any red flags either .... or would they be understanding (lol) and know that I was trying to save for school?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance