Hello, first time poster here.

I'm currently an ADN ICU nurse with 2 years experience, working on CCRN, shift leading and precepting in my unit. I have excelling grades in my ADN program. I am looking at start a RN to BSN program to prepare for a possible career as a CRNA.

Here's my question: Will CRNA schools accept bachelors degrees from pass or fail online programs vs. ones that assign grades? I have communicated with the Kaiser CRNA program in Fullerton, California. Their counselors stated programs such as the Western Governors program I have been looking into don't give a GPA and therefor "might" not meet their 3.0 GPA requirement, although they are not sure about it. Have any CRNA's here gotten their bachelors online through WGU, or another such program? Do most CRNA schools follow this aforementioned GPA requirement? Any experience here would be appreciated, thank you so much.

-Bryan Elrod