Ok, so i believe this thread is much overdo. There is always so much talk on here about how you need to attend a school that: 1) has a crna only rotation, 2) trains you to be independent, 3) gives you adequate xp in a) blocks/regional anesthesia, b) placing central venous lines, and 4) provides hands on experience in cardio-thoracic anesthesia. Anything else that i am missing??

Yet why are people afraid to rank what they feel are the top programs out there?

People always say do your research carefully on the programs, and contact current students not the school itself. Well, sometimes it is hard to get a hold of current students. Why not simplify this process for everyone and call out which programs are the great ones and which ones need some major overhauls??

If we are able to get the information out there about which programs are the "best" using the aforementioned criteria (which it appears most would agree should be the measuring stick for a program) this in turn would increase the application rate and who knows maybe even force a few of the "bad" programs into making some changes. Now that last part im sure is more of a pipe dream because some people would rather get into any program, then possibly wait another year and attend a quality school.

So there it is. Hopefully current and past srna's can share their opinion on why or why not they think their school is one of the best. Of course, backing your opinion up with facts and figures usually leads to a cogent argument.