Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and in the midst of the application process. I was told about the site by a wonderful CRNA that I shadowed last week. I have been an RN in a SICU for 3 years now and worked 1 year on a med/surg floor before that. I completed my BSN with a 4.0 and am CCRN certified.

I am hoping to get in for Fall of 2012 and my first choice is Mount Marty in SD but am also applying to Webster in St. Louis and possibly to Millikin just to have another interview opportunity close to home. I have taken the GRE and am just finishing up my application materials. Does anyone have any advice for me?

I am also married to a wonderfully supportive man and we have a 16 month old daughter which obviously complicates things but I am determined that this is what I want to do and we will get through it one way or another.

Any and all advice is welcomed!