I'm looking for some general comments on placing EJs (angiocath is the external jugular).

As an SRNA, I have not had a chance to place one. I had a couple opportunities very early in my training, but the MDA elected to place them. With that said, I know my anatomy (and I'm comfortable with CVLs) so, for a patient with a nice EJ, I think I would be comfortable placing one.

I'm wondering for CRNAs - how do you view this skill? Is it important, is it clinically relevant? Basically, it is a big deal?

For the SRNAs, what has your exposure been with EJs? Do you guys think this something that we should be doing in clinical or is (again) not a big deal?

An example of patient where I might elect to place an EJ would be IVD user having day surgery. Lets say you just can't place a peripheral. The choices are:

1.) Place a CVL with the patient awake. Obviously lining someone up for a knee scope is not ideal.

2.) Mask induction (give some PO pre meds) and then try for a PIV with some gas on board, if you can't get anything place a CVL.

3.) IO - again not ideal. I love IO, but I don't think many surgi centers have them and there is a (small) risk of infection.

4.) Throw a #20 in that nice EJ that just staring at you