I've just graduated from a BSN program and have been offered positions on both a Surgical/Trauma ICU and a Cardiac ICU (medicine, no post-surgery). I shadowed numerous times throughout nursing school on the SICU and spent just over 100 hours on the CICU for clinical so I'm familiar with both units and what to expect on them. I'm debating about which position to take with my longer term goal of becoming a CRNA in mind. Which unit would offer me the greatest learning opportunities and exposure that would help me to be a better SRNA and CRNA?

The manager on the CICU told me she doesn't like it when new grads leave the unit in less than 3 years to go back to school. I'm in my mid-thirties with kids so I'm not concerned about stepping on toes as I'm trying to advance my career for myself and the benefit of my family, but what I'm concerned about is the potential for no recommendation from the manager if I'm able to get into a nurse anesthesia program before 3 years. How important would a recommendation from this manager be in applying to school? In the opinion of the experienced CRNAs out there, how much should I weigh the potential for rubbing this manager the wrong way with my future decisions?

In all honesty, I see myself more excited about working in the CICU position but don't want to unnecessarily burn a bridge if I return to school in 2 years and also want to go for the position which will allow me the best foundation for heading into an education and career in nurse anesthesia. I look forward to hearing people's thoughts, wisdom, and experiences.