My name is Zack and I have spent the week since I found this site reading the last 2 years worth of posts.

I have been a medic for a county fire department outside DC for the last few years. I love my job but lately alot of things have been changing and I have been looking for a career change and by sheer dumb luck during an annual Re-cert a few months ago we spent a week in various OR's intubating patients and working with MD and CRNA's...

I had giving nursing some serious consideration as an alternate career choice but I love the independence of being a medic on the street and some nursing specialties seemed to be lacking that, but here were these CRNA's running the whole show in an OR.

I have a B.A in Economics from the University of Maryland so I'm hoping so be able to do a second degree BSN, a few years in a ICU and apply to an CRNA school in 4 years or so. Any thoughts or input on my timeline would be helpful. I'm not looking for the fastest way, or the cheapest way to become a CRNA, just the most efficient. (I have wandered around in my educational career enough).

Thats my story, I'm sure I'll have lots of questions over the next few years and look forward to using the site's wealth of knowledge.