I am starting school in August this year and thought I had the car situation all figured out. I have a 2004 Infiniti G 35 paid off so no car note. Yay! However. it has been wrecked numerous times and I am not sure if it is that dependable. My insurance always fixed it but strange things requiring repairs keep coming up. Plus, this car has different size tires in the front compared to the back so I can't rotate my tires. Translation: I am always buying new tires about every year priced at about $200 a tire. Financially, I will be ok. I am going to be quitting my job three weeks before I start school and will be taking out loans. I am not married and have no children and luckily, I have awesome parents that will be letting me live with them throughout school so I do not have to worry about rent or electric bills. Of course I plan on covering my cell phone bills, vet bills for my dog, food, gas, car inusrance, and tuition myself. I just want the least debt possible when I graduate. I thought I was set with no car payments but my dad keeps stressing I need a more dependable car. I have read several posts here about how important it is to have a dependable car while in anesthesia school. Of course, I will be humble and frugal and get a sensible car should I choose to buy a new one. I'm just thinking is it worth it... paying a car note every month while living off of loans versus my used, paid off car that may give me trouble ( I do have an extended warranty on). Any advice would be appreciated!