I'll make it short:

My parents are alumni at a school that I am applying to for their nurse anesthesia program. Both went there undergrad and my father additionally completed medical school there. They are moderate financial contributors to the university still. Do adcoms welcome a reference letter from family alumni, or will they roll their eyes at it....

I have a decent profile:
3.7 BSN GPA from a well recognized university.
1100 GRE
>10 yrs high acuity ICU exp
CCRN > 10yrs
CSC 7 yrs
Leadership roles (charge, precepting, rapid response team, etc)
Great LOR's

I've had mixed responses from other NA programs as far as being accepted vs not. The feedback I have gotten is despite having great clinical experience I have been out of school for > 10 yrs and they worry about my ability to adapt back to school full time in addition to not being "top dog" in the clinical environment. Other than trying to convince them otherwise.... opinions on having my parents write a letter or support.......?

Opinions welcome.... thanks.....