Hey Everyone,

I know this topic has been discussed before, so I apologize in advance.

I'm trying to plan the remaining 4 months of my life and figuring out all the details so I can enjoy my summer. I'm moving August 11th to go to graduate school and have decided August 2nd is my last day of work (just the week before I move).

My question is, I'm already on the books and approved for vacation time in July. I'd be able to take off 12 days if I structure my shifts correctly. I'd be on vacation, then come back and work 3 last shifts before I'm officially done. I need to work in August to secure health insurance with work through Sept, when my student health insurance starts.

Would you take that vacation in July or just work it? The advantage of taking the vacation time is relaxation time. I have a free flight, so I'd spend it on the beach in Florida with my boyfriend for half of it, then the remainder at home with my beach in California and my friends.


I could work those 3 shifts and get paid for those 3 shifts plus get paid out my vacation pay when I leave.

So which is more important. Time off or an extra $1500??

I have about $22,000 saved up currently, ideal goal was $28,000, which I probably won't hit. I'm taking two trips to Vegas and a driving trip up the California coast before school starts. I also live in a "vacation destination" currently, so I can go the beach whenever I want.

The problem with work is I'm burned out. I should work as many extra shifts as I can, but we're overstaffed right now. The "energy" at work lately has been really down. The acuity is down lately so all our patients are really "tasky" patients. I haven't had a "great" day at work in a long time. So it's hard for me to really enjoy going to work currently.

Please let me know!