Hi All,

I have been thinking of the right section to post this message, for some reason I felt this would be the best area to post it. Anyhow, the story is, I was contacted by an Army recruiter today about joining the Army once I graduate from CRNA school. My program starts in September 2011. He informed me of the 100% tuition benefit and stipend, insurance and all that good stuff. He further said upon graduation, I'll owe the ARMY only 3 years of my time. However, he was a little cagey on the finer details as to where in the country I will be physically located. Now let me make this clear, I have no qualms with being deployed to a combat zone, absolutely none! My concern however is if within those three years I will be relocated to a different state every six (6) months. The genesis of this concern stems from the fact that I have two kids--the older will be heading to high school and the younger to middle school upon my graduation. I can deal with the deployment but what is the likelihood of my family staying in one location for those three years of my commitment? Now I live in the greater MD,DC,VA area with Walter Reed and Uniformed Services down the road. Any luck that I may stay in this area if I sign Up?
Hey Army gas, any insight? I'll take advice, hints and tips from any and everyone. Thanks in advance to all.Hey!

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