so i was talking to an anesthesiologist today, and i said "stress dose decadron". and he immediately corrected me, saying decadron has nothing to do with the stress response, since it's glucocorticoid, and has no minerocorticoid activity. he said "we don't give decadron for stress dosing, it's not involved with the stress response".

which totally confused the hell out of me. i mean, obviously you give hydrocortisone for stress response to someone who's been on steroids, but that doesn't mean that decadron (which is essentially artificial, more potent cortisol) isn't release during stress, and therefore can have an artificial "stress dose" equivilent?

am i wrong? is there no such thing as a "stress dose" of decadron? I've always operated (from what I could gather from various textbooks) that 4mg Decadron was = to 100mg hydrocortisone with regards to equipotency.