Hi all! I'm a MICU RN working in the Boston area, just wanted to throw my stats out there to see what the general consensus is on my shot at getting into school. I have 3 years of MICU experience in Sept, with PAs, all drips, IABP, hypothermic cooling protocol, vents, charge nurse, code team, do all IV starts in house overnight. I have ACLS, PALS, BLS, CCRN, and I'm halfway to being an ACLS instructor (just have to teach one more class). I am a critical care preceptor to 4th year nursing student in her last semester (she gets to do her last clinical with me in the MICU, which I would've killed to do when I was in school). I have a 3.7 GPA from my BSN, signed up for organic chem to start this summer and I'm pulling an A in my inorganic chem refresher now. I'm debating taking the GRE since there's really only one program that I'm interested that wants it (Nazareth in Philly). I'm primarily interested in applying to the schools affiliated with Central Connecticut State U; it's close to home, ridiculously cheap, I'm only heard great things about New Britain and MHRI. I've heard that SRNAs at St. Raphaels complain a lot (?), but haven't been able to get my hands on anybody that goes there. So that's me and my plan! Ok gang, there it is, lemme have it! Thanks for any advice you can give me!