Here is a case I had this week.

77y/o in for left inguinal hernia repair.

200 pack year smoker, quit smoking in 2006
CAD with MI eight years ago
CVA four years ago (no residual effects but speech is slurred which he states was his normal before the CVA)
Exercise Tolerance: Patient is able to ambulate without assistance but very slowly. He denies CP or SOB on exertion.
DMII controlled with oral medications.

Labs: CBC (WNL)
EKG: SR with partial BBB
No echo, previous medical records, or other studies available.

Physical Exam:
MPII, TM distance 3FB, decreased neck flexion/extension (can extend neck approx. 15 degrees without pain)
Lungs CTA bilat but diminished
Heart RRR w/o M/R/G

How would you do the case? Is there anything else you want/need to know?