Hey everyone,

Here's the deal. I am 23 years old. I graduated from college in May 2009 with a BS in Biology. My cumulative gpa was 2.90 and my major gpa was 3.01. However, factoring in other courses taken at different institutions, I have a cumulative gpa of 3.03. I have already taken ochem and physics and stats and micro and cellular and molecular bio and every other science course you can guess. I took the GRE and got a 570 verbal and 620 quant and a 5.0 writing. I am not an RN... Yet...

I am working right now in a genetics research lab because that was the best job I could get out of college. I HATE it! Haha. I am published now though so it hasn't been a complete waste. I always knew healthcare was where I wanted to be but I didn't know in what capacity.

Long story short throughout undergrad and for a year and a half after I was hospitalized over and over and had surgery over... And over... So my gpa suffered, but I realized nursing was where I wanted to be - more specifically a CRNA. Having all those surgeries and procedures got me SO "turned on" to nurse anesthesia!!

Here's the question! I could do an accelerated second degree BSN or an associate's and still become a CRNA, correct? The 2nd degree BSN is preferable, I think, just to be as competitive as possible. Having 2 bachelors degrees. But it's also a lot more difficult to get into. Should I hold out for the 2nd degree BSN if i get rejected or should I do the associates degree and start getting the high acuity experience ASAP??

I appreciate any advice possible!!

I'd love to answer any questions you may have to help with the advice!!