At a number of the sites where I train the ortho guys have started giving just about everyone preop PO meds. Typically the patients get tylenol, celebrex, and oxycontin.

At one site they (the MDAs) have a rule where the meds must be given 30mins before the patient is taken to the OR. However, at my current site, the pills are often given minutes before we leave for the OR. On my first day there, they preop RN handed the patient a full cup of water. When I said "just take enough to swallow the pills," the RN snapped "drink all of it, we don't want the pills stuck in your throat, we need to think of safety."

Some of the MDAs are fine with LMAs for these patients, while other feel strongly that get a tube (although they don't do RSI?). For a student like me, it's a dramatic difference in practice, which quite frankly is a little disconcerting.

Just wondering what some of your guys thoughts are???

I understand that there is apparently very good evidence that preop PO meds are effective. However, I'd rather just give these medicines IV in the OR.