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Thread: Why I want to be a CRNA, is this weird?

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    Default Why I want to be a CRNA, is this weird?

    I wanted to be an ICU nurse after spending many weeks with my MIL in the ICU and seeing the nurses there. Some were good, others were not. But while I was there I decided that I want to be the nurse there for patients and families, when they don't know what comes next. I want to comfort them as I care for the patient and show them that someone truly cares about their family member. What an emotionally challenging time this is for families. I love holistic nursing and I feel that being a nurse is more than about the patient's physical health, it's about their family too and about how all the dynamics work.

    I decided that I would like to be a CRNA after talking with my friends' husbands. We are close with 6 anesthesiologists and talk often includes their work. After talking about their jobs one day, one of them said that I should look into being a CRNA and he'd hire me when I graduate. I laughed at him, thinking that it would for sure be a boring job. "Who wants to stand there with a patient for hours during surgery?" He told me to go to work with him. He's the head anesthesiologist at his hospital, he has another anesthesiologist and 7 CRNAs under him. They showed me everything that they do and I fell in love. They comfort anxious patients getting ready for surgery, they keep them alive and stable during and then they are there to wake up with them. It is so much more than I initially thought! The 4 hour surgery was fascinating, the anesthesiologist explained everything he was doing and why and how, yet all I could think was "I want to more more about how this all happens".

    I am 25 years old, still in BSN school. I have a 3.96 GPA and A's in every one of my science classes, including Pharmacology and Organic Chemistry I&II. I have over 180 volunteer hours in the ER and have followed one anesthesiologist and one CRNA for a total of 60 hours so far. I would love the opportunity to be a CRNA. I love helping people, I am a freak about learning and I am confident in my knowledge, trust my instincts, yet I know when to ask for help.

    Am I wanting to go into this for the right reasons? Is it weird? I personally feel like I'd make a great candidate, but of course I guess everyone thinks they would be! What are your thoughts?
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