Well, where do I begin....I got my ASN degree from a NONACCREDITED nursing program in las vegas, NV but I did all my RN pre-reqs at a accredited school.

I'm going to do my RN-BSN at a accredited school. I emailed certain CRNA schools if they would take my non-accredited ASN but RN-BSN is accredited by CCNE and they said yes! So, I feel a little better right?

Then, I remembered that if I apply at a CRNA program lets say in Texas, Utah, Arizona and etc. (because Nevada does not have a CRNA program) I will be required to apply for endorsment RN license for that state in order for me to do my clinicals in the CRNA program. I called Utah board of nursing and they said they will not give me a Utah license because of my non-accredited asn and RN-BSN accredited thing...I just feel like my dreams of being a CRNA is just crushed. My science gpa so far is great, my overall gpa is great but it is really sad that I don't know what to do because if i can't my RN license in certain states, I can't apply for those crna programs in those state...sigh...i don't know anymore.