I'll be starting TWU this fall and received the financial aid info yesterday...according the info (and posts i've read here), it is common to need a co-signer for the Grad Plus loan which will cover a portion of the tuition and possibly result in a refund check of ~6K per semester. I talked to the financial aid counselor today and was told if I don't get the Grad Plus loan, I'll have an outstanding balance of ~4K.

My husband and I have been together (and independent) since undergraduate school over 10 years ago...I couldn't even imagine asking anyone to co-sign for a loan. Does everyone really need a co-signer? If so, I think I'd rather bite the bullet and pay the 4K and be done with it...especially since it will save me a lot in student loan debt. My questions are 1)Is anyone else taking this route? and 2)Can I apply for the grad plus loan (if needed for PhaseII) if i need it, but chose not to get it for Phase I?