An 18 y/o man is declared brain dead in the ICU following severe head injury suffered from a fall. Organ donation is planned. He has polyuria & is hypotensive. Lab values reveal that serum Na = 159mEq/L, serum K=3.2 mEq/L, BUN=32mg/dL & creatinine=1.9mg/dL, serum osmolarity=320 mOsm/L & urine osmolarity is 250 mOsm/L.

The pt's critical condition is best explained by:
1) diabetes mellitus

2) massive hemmorhage

3) nephrogenic diabetes insipidus

4) syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH)

5) central diabetes insipidus

Treatment of the pt should consist of:
1) insulin

2) transfusion

3) diuresis

4) free water restriction

5) vasopressin

Please choose the ONE best answer to each question.

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