So all this ASF stuff has me wondering, which schools are the best? Everyone seems to agree that the US News report was a popularity contest with little actual relevance, but there isn't a better place for prospective students to try and figure it out.

I assume the best schools would offer lots of experience in central neuraxial, regional, hearts, trauma, central lines and independent practice. Obviously, the board pass rate would be high. Before entering school, I didn't even realize that there were programs out there that offered minimal experiences in these aspects and even had low board pass rates. Which programs offer this and which don't?

The pros/cons of residency programs are debated endlessly on SDN, but I've never seen CRNA programs debated here.

Mike do you care to elaborate on your school? You seem to have had a good experience.

I'll start by saying that I'm 7 months into the USAGPAN. Thus far, it's all been didactic and I've learned a ton. I'm generally very impressed with the instructors and some have been the best I've encountered in 20+ years of education. All the faculty are extremely approachable and encouraging of student success. We have spent a lot of time with multiple different ultrasound machines viewing classmates anatomy. We have also had frequent cadaver labs for practicing airway techniques and ultrasound guided needle driving. There are three OR simulator rooms, which have shown me that I still have a long ways to go in anesthesia education, but I'm feeling better about simple inductions. I probably average 20-30 hr/week studying, but I think the majority of my classmates are doing a bit more. I came from a strong cardiac ICU background and this program has not yet improved upon my EKG analysis, which I'm hoping for. My only other complaint would be the program's location, because this mountain kid has no love for Texas, especially during one of the best snow years on record! All told it's too early to tell because clinical experiences are the most important piece, but this program is definitely laying the foundation during the didactic component.

Any other CRNAs/SRNAs care to chip in?