I've accepted a position starting in May 2012. I'm not excited about the wait but thrilled to get into my choice of school. That being said, I want to give myself the best oppurtunity to succeed.

First a little bit of background on myself. I've been a nurse since May '07 and have worked in a 12 bed mixed ICU at a regional hospital since graduation. I see a nice variety of medical/surgical pts and have experience in CRRT, IABP and open-heart patients. Unfortunately as a regional hospital my experience with neuro is limited and we see our fair share of pts that are more suited to a telemetry/step-down floor. I have my BSN, CCRN and ACLS.

In the next year I plan to work some extra shifts to save up for school but also plan to take a few vacations and take a month or two off before school begins to charge my batteries for the next 3 years of school. Besides taking care of the financial/housing part of school what should I do this coming year to prepare for school?

My concerns include my lack of experience with trauma/neuro patients. Will this hold me back in school/should I seek out work at a larger hospital? Also, my chemistry experience in school wasn't too lengthy and is one of my weaker subjects. I still received an A in the two chemistry classes I took but I would rather be providing care for a crashing patient than taking a chemistry test. Would taking classes at a community college better prepare me for school or is this a bit of overkill? I just want to know your opinion on what would serve me best over the next year as far as preparing for school goes.

I'm sure all you current CRNAs and SRNAs have some exellent insight. Let's hear it! Thanks in advance.