I know many here have wondered if I would ever apply. I started at age 43 with my first college English class with the goal of making it to CRNA school. That was almost seven years ago. I took off a year from school after my associates RN to settle in to critical care. I then had to take a year for personal reasons. I started back working on BSN fall 2009 and have my last class this December. I've had to work full time all through nursing school and my BSN but in actual time will finish in five years. I have two applications ready to go for a May 2012 start. I am only telling the details here because I know some of you would like to know and I would appreciate the prayers or positive thoughts through this application time. I'll be the token old fart of 50 YO when you browse those class pictures on the school websites. Thats actually been part of my criteria. I've surfed the CRNA schools for class pictures that have at least someone that looks my age. There seems to always be that token old man. Again, thanks to those who have stayed in touch with encouragement. I hope to post on the "I got accepted" thread by Christmas!