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    Question Chemistry/Physics equation

    Does anyone know if the NBCRNA advises that there are actual chemistry and physics equations on the cert exam?

    Ex. Blood is moving at 15cm3/s through the aorta. If the diameter of the aorta is 1.0 cm, what is the speed of the blood?

    Is this really something I need to know how to do for boards, or do we just need to know the principles vs actual equations? I am taking my nurse anesthesia science course right now and our instructors are just focusing on the principles and not so much on the equations. If there is some on there we are going to be screwed b/c we aren't learning it. Not that I have a burning desire to do so, but I'd like to pass the big test

    ETA...ok, just got done looking on the CCNA candidate book and this is what it says. Guess it doesn't really specify whether we need to know equations or not?

    C. Applied chemistry, biochemistry, physics
    1. Chemistry
    a. Aqueous solutions and concentrations
    b. Acids, bases and salts
    2. Biochemistry
    a. Hepatic metabolism
    b. Cellular mechanisms for action
    c. Drug Receptor interaction
    3. Physics
    a. Units of measurement
    b. Gases and gas laws
    c. Solubility, diffusion and osmosis
    d. Pressure and fluid flow
    e. Electricity and electrical safety
    f. Vaporization and humidification
    g. Measurement of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen ion
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