I am currently applying to two CRNA schools-- one requires a professional statement and the other a personal statement as a part of the application and I have never written either of these. I was looking for some insight into both of these-- I have done some online research, but everything that I have found has been vague and contradictory. My main questions are: 1) What is the difference between the two? 2) Approximate length? 3) Should these be written in first person? 4) How detailed should it be in terms of current professional practice? 5) Do I mention why I chose that school specifically?

I have started writing a professional statement, but didn't want to get to far into it without making sure I am on the right path. So far I have including reasons for initially becoming interested in CRNA, brief education background, and about a half a page about my experience and current practice.

Any help would be much appreciated!