Wow I still am amazed that in just 19 days I start school at Rosalind Franklin. Unbelievable. So I went from working 50+ hours per week, going to school full-time and managing two rental properties plus fitting in fun/family time to just work/family over the summer up until now. I have knocked down our budget, and have spent a lot of time with family including a couple vacations. Rental properties are gone now, and financially we don't have to move (yet, hopefully we won't have to). If it happened to get really bad financially and I couldn't afford the mortgage, I would rent out our house and go to an apartment, or move in with parents that have plenty of room in their house, or get a private loan with a cosigner. I hope I am prepared as I start my wonderful journey! Any helpful tips/advice now up until school for me? I'm thinking just relaxing until it hits? I have been looking over Nurse Anesthesia secrets book on/off, trying to keep everything fresh in my head for school. I also have several financial/budgetary plans as I always have and just in case scenarios if it gets really tough. I have roughly 10K saved up, and will be using GradPlus, etc. Another question I have is-

I have a couple credit cards with a monthly payment- 300/month. I also have a car loan 400/month. I have the money to get rid of one of these. Should I go with selling the car and paying the negative equity difference and get a used one with no monthly payment, hoping it will be reliable enough to get back and forth from Milwaukee to North Chicago, or should I just knock out the credit cards?