Currently a senior in a BSN program and am leaning towards FNP, though I'm not ruling out CRNA. I picked this forum for the question b/c it offers me the best chance of a fair and intelligent discussion. At any rate, I've read/heard alot of discussion about "thinking like a nurse" and the adjustment that has to be made for APN's towards thinking less like a nurse and more medically. I'd really like to hear someone elaborate more on this and what exactly it means by those who've had to adjust themselves.

My first semester of school was extremely frustrating, always feeling like I wasn't doing well, and struggling at first. I somehow finished with a 3.8 and got a 4.0 my second semester. I credit much of this to learning to think more "nurse like" for lack of a better phrase. What I figured out is that I was focusing more of the science of things (e.g. etiology, pathology, physiology, MAO of drugs, etc.) instead of the nursing stuff - psychosocial, management, care, education, etc. Essentially, the non-medical stuff.

My questions are this. First, is this what is meant my nursing thinking vs. medical/scientific thinking? Second, what is it about thinking like a nurse that has to be undone? Finally, did you have to untrain yourself when you went to CRNA school and how hard was it to do?