I recently applied to CRNA school and was invited to interview next week. I feel my application is fairly strong, however they have not received my GRE scores as of yet. On practice exams I was scoring pretty well (1200-1300), but on test day there were some unfortunate circumstances that I believe negatively affected the outcome of my exam (namely a sick husband that kept me up for most of the night beforehand and an obnoxiously noisy test taker on the day of). I won't be able to retake the GRE, because the deadline for application is March 1 and you can only take the exam once per month. I scored so poorly, that I believe it is the one weak point in my application that may prevent me from being accepted.

How much weight do you think GRE scores carry in the admissions decision?

Here are my stats:
Undergraduate degree at an Ivy league in Biology/Chemistry (GPA 3.6)
One year experience as an anesthesia technician in a level I trauma center (worked alongside CRNAs on a daily basis)
Accelerated BSN at a school in Boston (GPA 3.6)
1.5 years experience (2 years upon matriculation) in an ICU with neuro, trauma, surgical and medical patients
Recommendations from 3 CRNAs

Thanks. Any opinions welcome.