I am currently in the first semester of a BSN to DNP program, and I need some input from any willing SRNA's and CRNA's in regards to specific anesthesia topics that need further investigation or would be interesting to research. I have spent time shadowing four wonderful and willing-to-teach CRNAs prior to starting my program, and, thus far, this is the extent of my clinical anesthesia experience. The time has come to begin compiling ideas for my research project, and I do have some areas of interest.

1) Positioning techniques for persons with Scoliosis to maintain proper body alignment and to prevent post-op musculoskeletal pain
2) Methods for controlling chest tube pain
3) Methods for measuring the quality of aseptic and sterile technique of anesthesia providers throughout the perioperative period.
4) I would like to possibly conduct research in regards to pharmaceutical comparisons. Any suggestions you all may have in relation to needed research in the pros and cons of using certain drugs at certain times.
5) Anesthesia considerations for persons with congental heart defects
6) Medication dosing measurement methods in persons where BMI must be estimated due to the inability to stand straight or to be weighed on a conventional scale.
7) Relaxation techniques preop and postop, and the overall impact of this on the amount of opiod or sedative medication required
8) Any topics specific to neonatal or pediatric populations

I have a broad range of research interest at this point but could use further refinement of my ideas from providers already practicing. Any input would be appreciated!