Okay I havent been on here in a while...but here it goes!!! I am actually nowhere close to applying yet..I complete my RN-BSN this December and at that time I will have 2 years experience in icu. My plan is after that to retake my core sciences to brush up and score a higher grade(even if it cannot be recomputed into my gpa) and take my GRE. I will probably have close to 3 years exp when I apply and mayb more by the time my entrance year rolls around and that's IF I get in the first time around. I plan to maybe take my ccrn this summer (also for work purposes).

I keep telling myself to take one day at a time..finish your BSN and then worry with your MSN(hence the above plan). BUT it is all I can seem to think about..and the process of getting in honestly scares the hell out of me!! It scares me so much that I've looked at FNP programs and please dont kill me lol..but PA programs..but I keep coming back around to CRNA..my fear kind of worries me..is this normal?? I mean I could be dead wrong..but I feel like I can do this if given the chance..if only I were accepted lol...but this weird fear I have of applying..I dont know what that means?? Anyone else feel the same way?? Anyway..just venting..all opinions and constructive criticism welcome Thanks guys!!