so this is an actual event

You are doing a preop for your next pt in the ICU and get an across the unit hollah for your help.

You walk into the room to see a gaggle of people including the 2 critical care physicians for the unit. They are bagging furiously and the sat is 32%. They look at you with a face that says "thank god".

As they are bagging you see blood aerosolizing out the sides of the mask. Wicked awesome. Lips are all torn up from intubation attempts with a regular blade and then a McGrath.

The pt is a 350 lb individual who is on a clinitron bed (which they are sunk into) and in reverse tberg (i have no idea why). They were just extubated after being on a vent X 7+ days.

What do you do SRNAs?

Remember, you have seconds to act here and this individual is about to code.

You get to ask 5 questions now as you do an action. Shoot.