I was just recieved my acceptance letter to start CRNA school this September. I am so happy, but now I am having some second thoughts about starting. I have been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Defict Hyperactive Disorder) since I was like 9 years old and was taking Ritalin my whole school life. In nursing school the only time I would take Ritalin is if I had a big test and needed to study, during the test, and during my clincals. I have been working in the MICU (like 2 years) without taking my Ritalin because I keep myself so busy with my patients that I do not feel I need to take it. On the floor, I constantly stay busy and never sit down.

Now I am wondering if I can sit in an OR (in one place) for extended periods of time without moving around. I always have to be doing something and keeping myself busy. That is just how I am. I know I will be fine in school, it is just the clinicals and being out in the workforce that scares me.

Does anyone have any thoughts if CRNA is not the profession for me? Anyone in the same boat as me? As a CRNA are you sitting at the head of the bed with nothing to do for extended periods of time?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.