I attended the Columbia Admit Day today. I must say I was highly impressed with the manner in which it was all set up. There were many presentations re: the program, it's structure, the average number of cases, numbers and types of regionals, blocks, spinals, epidurals, a-lines, cvp's etc. The numbers were the average for each category for the last 2 years along with the exact numbers within the range from which the average was derived.

There were a few power point presentations that were like little mini teaching sessions to give those in attendance a small taste of what some of their teaching styles were.

We had lunch at the faculty club, very classy, where we were able to speak to faculty, staff and students re: anything and everything.

We had several tours and broke into groups and I was actually able to intubate a sim man (I know big deal!...but I was excited) and I also "placed" my 1st a-line...(yeah I know it was a plastic arm!!!!....but it was still cool!)

The topic of interviewing/not interviewing did come up and they felt as though if someone wanted to, they could just as well hide the fact they were a nutcase (or not right for the program) within the context of a 20 minute interview so for them, they would rather spend the 80-100 hours doing other things for the program as well as having a very robust admit day so as to give those admitted the opportunity to learn about the program at a deeper level.

I definitely got the strong impression Columbia is proud of its program and of its students. I also got the distinct impression the faculty was there to assist its students and that they enjoyed their students' successes along with them.

Faculty was highly competent and I'm sure I talked the clinical director's ear off! She was in a word...well I need at least two...awesome and wonderful! She was such a "real" person who "gets it" and she spent a good deal of time both formally and informally speaking with us concerning all things clinical.

There were many students (juniors and seniors) present and faculty was immediately familiar with where they were in the program, what sites they had been to and where they were currently. I felt a good deal of "love" in the room, and obviously on a day such as today, that's certainly to be expected. However, what I saw and felt today was rather genuine, and it certainly made me feel I would be joining a professional "family" of sorts were I to choose to attend.

Current student feedback seemed very realistic and I never felt everyone was "drinking the koolaid". An issue here, an issue there, watch out for this course, etc.

I was also impressed that they posted student feedback on the slides, including sample "reflections" from clinicals (anonymous of course.) It really appears as though Columbia is VERY proud of its program and is forward looking. In this regard they addressed some of the questions our group had re: Columbia's DNP program and what the process would be for us were we to choose to continue further after we graduate.

I went today with an open mind and with a great many questions I wanted/needed to have answered. I am very satisfied with the detailed and substantive responses to my numerous queries today.

I departed feeling particularly impressed not only with the apparent (and obvious) amount of effort Columbia puts into its program, but also with a sense of kinship from having spent the entire day with a classy, intelligent and caring group of people who attempted to sincerely assist us in seeing/feeling what it means to be in their (Columbia's) program.

As for me, I will be sending my deposit in this week.

Your mileage may vary.