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    Default What's really going on???

    Nearly every thread I've read on this forum regarding TWU has been negative...either about the quality/quantity of students accepted, about the quality of the program, or accusing the school of being less than professional, all about money, and even superficial enough to select students based on physical appearance. So I'd like to know where this information comes from...former/current students who are not satisfied w/ the level of education they've received and feel unprepared to work as a CRNA, students who were interviewed but rejected by TWU, students who were accepted but declined or did not complete the program, or non TWU CRNA's who work alongside TWU grads and feel they are incompetent or unprepared? I don't really see how anyone else not affiliated w/ the school and/or not working alongside a TWU grad/student could form a valid opinion. I would assume that the issue w/ the number of students accepted is not about "flooding the market" since most state that money was not a factor in pursuing nurse anesthesia. This concerns me b/c I was accepted to this program during the interview and plan to begin in August. My "stats" (experience, GPA, GRE, references, etc...) rival and in some cases exceed those posted by others who've been accepted/attend various programs across the country (the only thing I lacked was CCRN, which I've now taken & passed). Prior to joining this site I'd heard really great things about TWU and must say from my personal experience that they were very firm regarding the application requirements and during the interview, yes they were nice, but they've been all about business from the beginning. In fact, I met all the requirements but was told that I would not receive an interview if my official GRE scores did not arrive prior to the deadline (even though I provided an unofficial copy), the interview was strictly clinical and the questions were not about things that could be memorized or bs'd like formulas or textbook definitions and absolutely no fluff...for every answer I gave, I was asked "why" and to further explain. Everyone that I've spoken to that has interviewed this year gives the same account. I've also read on other threads about students applying to other schools who did not meet the stated minimum requirements, had very little nursing experience, and were still accepted into the program, yet those programs aren't criticized to the same degree (if at all) that TWU is criticized (from what I've read) I'm really confused. Please enlighten me, what specifically does TWU lack that the other programs have? Are CRNA's who graduate from TWU deemed as sub-par by their counterparts?

    BTW, I've seen other threads get out of hand or become a war of one-liners and personal attacks...I hope that doesn't happen here b/c I'm genuinely concerned and looking for serious answers. I plan to devote a great deal of time, money, and effort and would really like factual information that I can use to finalize my decision. Thanks in advance for respecting the purpose and intention of this post.
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