I've been roaming this site and have been reading recommendations made for other in similar situations. The threads I find usually it deal with just one aspect of my situation. So I felt compelled to start a similar thread.
I'm a father of a 1 yr old and 4yr old, husband to a NICU nurse, I'm stuck in 30yr home loan and has 2yrs left in a car payment. I intended to go to school after 2yrs in the ICU, that was until I had my first child. Now, after 6 years in ICU, I want to make the steps. Is there ever a good time to make it happen? I know I'll have to do STATs class over then I should have everything I need.
- I feel the best time to go back to school would of been before I had kids but oh well. I guess I can go now before they get too old. How do you deal the guilt of leaving and feeling of being selfish?
- Financially, I don't find myself in a good position. Selling a house in this market is less likely and having a financial burden during school with one income is something I'm afraid of. On top of that, having a car payment and mouths to feed seems like a daunting task. I don't feel the need to put the rest of the family in more strain. How do those with families that went through the program deal with the financial burden particularly with a house payment? I feel I should wait till after my car is paid of at least.
I've considered education through the military but my wife is against that. Sell the house would be ideal but we're under. Using student loans to help pay mortgage is not ideal. And I have limited options with the closest school being 3hrs away, Kaiser in LA, CA. Renting out the house is a possibility but I would be penalized with a 1st time home buyer stipulation.
-is it okay sending an application to a school where my gpa is just shy of the requirement?
I want to go back to school. But my circumstance is not ideal. How did others manage? I have yet to find a CRNA in the San Diego area that will allow me to shadow. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.