I'm graduating nursing school in June. Will finish my BSN next summer. I have a job offer now in CCU. I was holding out for a SICU position at graduation or CSICU. In my part of the woods SICU or CSICU are the experience builders needed to get into the local CRNA programs. Should I take the bird in hand,(CCU), and hope to transfer in a year to SICU or hold out for the 2 in the bush at the other hospital for SICU or CSICU in June. My age is a factor, 45. I was looking to start a program in April 2009. I would have two years experience along with the 13 in EMS. Two years in SICU would look better than one, but I'm not guaranteed a job in June. I don't need to hear from the naysayers about years of experience. You can read my post on that already. What would you do?