Well, I had my interview at TWU this past week. I had interviewed there last year and was not selected. I got another years experience in the ICU and got my CCRN. I felt ready. Now, I'm not so sure. I didn't think my interview went well at all. I did not know the answers to many of their questions and it was really frustrating. I kept my cool though and they were very nice with "leading" me to where they wanted me to go. I actually felt I did better in last years interview and I wasn't accepted!!

Anyway, do you think they combine everything (not just how my interview went) in making their decision? Like that I reapplied again, got more experience, got my CCRN, etc.? I'm just VERY frustrated and I know that waiting to hear from them will be torture!

And reading about those that got accepted right at their interview (though I am really very happy for those of you) is also heartbreaking to read knowing that I felt that my interview didn't go well. I hope they will take everything into consideration and they will just give me a chance! I want this SO bad and I know I can do it!! Thanks for listening.