16yo presents for lap gyn, possible appy

PHM: PTSD, previous inpatient psych hospitalization, anxiety, depression, mood disorder. Hx of adb pain.

At preop clinic mom states that patient had bad reaction to klopin in the past ("severe anxiety), she does not want her daughter to have any bezos, mom is adamant. Preop nurses agrees to allow mom to come into OR so she can hold daughter's hand.

Assuming the patient lets you place an IV, what do you do to chill her out as you bring her into the OR and prevent her from having a all out anxiety attack. A couple CCs of prop out in the holding area, some IV benadryl, some narcs pre-op, nothing?

Also, surgeon has booked case for 45minutes - this is going to be a quickie and he is know to freak out if the wake up is slow. Normally, I would narcotize the heck out this patient, but assuming that deep extubation is out, I think I'm in for a rough ride.